Five herbs for in your garden that look and taste great

A large variety of herbs can be grown in the Mediterranean climate of Australia with ease. You will be enjoying fresh herbs in typically 20-30 days. Here are five of the most favourite herbs. It’s time to start your garden! If you need help maintaining your garden, we love to help you out. Just visit our page to acquire a quote.

1. Oregano 
Oregano was originally found in Greece and Italy. Oregano treats respiratory and digestive disorders, skin conditions, muscle and joint pain and is delicious with eggs, meats, and Greek and Italian dishes. Oregano is easy to grow in full or partial sun in well-drained soil. Start indoors as a seed, then transplant in the spring outside. Grows to 10-24 inches and is ready to harvest in 11-13 weeks.

2. Parsley
Parsley is packed with nutrients and can be added to many dishes, juiced or used as a garnish. Parsley boosts the immune system, neutralizes bad breath, and has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which assist both digestion and detoxification. Start seeds inside and transplant in the spring every 12-18 inches in partial sun. Parsley can be grown in containers with minimal effort, and after the first year simply cut the stems for the second year.

3. Thyme
Thyme is an excellent source of vitamin A, which benefits skin, hair, eyes, and nails; it is also an anti-inflammatory, with antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Use Thyme in soups, sauces and as a garnish; it has a slightly piney or woody flavor.
Start from seed indoors, and in early spring, transplant outdoors to partial sun. Thyme creates a beautiful ground cover that blocks weeds and attracts bees. Regular snipping enhances growth; stop harvesting before the first frost. Grows 6-12 inches in height and can be harvested in 13-14 weeks. Sandy-type soil improves drainage.

4. Rosemary
Rosemary is a super deterrent for garden pests such as mosquitoes, flying insects, and even cats! Rosemary relieves skin irritations, aids digestion and is a powerful remedy for pain. Drying this herb is very common, and it is delicious either fresh or dried when added to meats and fish of all kinds. Start indoors from clippings. Transplant outside in the spring to an area that has well-drained soil with mulch so roots stay moist in the summer. Full sun is preferred. Grows to 30-60 inches and harvest time is 11-14 weeks.

5. Peppermint or Spearmint

Mint makes a delicious addition to any herb garden and is one of the easiest herbs to grow. One key thing to mint…lots of water! Automation can help with that. It is commonly grown in containers to contain it from overtaking your garden. It enhances deserts and drinks, hot or cold, soothes headaches, clears sinuses, and eases menstrual cramps and IBS. Mint seeds can simply be spread on the ground in full sun with no soil covering to start, and then transplanted to sun and shade.


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