Water your garden Automatically

Many people chose to save time and hassle by installing a reticulation in their garden. With this garden watering system you save time, you save effort and you can rest assured your garden receives the right amount of water at the right time.

At The Happy Gardeners we can install reticulation in all suburbs in the Metro area. We also do regular reticulation maintenance and offer watering system repairs in case your irrigation system breaks down. A special moment is early spring when people start their reticulation again after disabling them over winter. Your grass will grow like ever before! This big beautiful green field of grass is best maintained with our lawn mowing service.

When installing the system we take care of everything A to Z. We design the system based on your garden and your plans for the future. We install all plumbing and take care of the electricity and the controller unit.

A good garden irrigation system also makes sure your garden is properly supplied with water in an even fashion. Otherwise you are running the risk of having puddles of water in one place and dry spots in another place. Another common pitfall is having too many sprinklers on one station. The result is there won’t be enough water pressure for all the sprinklers, which result in terrible water spraying for all sprinklers. We can design this separately or when you want to have an entire landscape design package, we will include the design of your retic automatically.

We service the following cities within Perth (and all suburbs within those cities):

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