Why Overwatering Your Grass and Trees is Bad

Gardening in Western Australia comes with a lot of unique challenges. With mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers, the biggest challenges gardeners face is how much to water their garden. The right amount of water will help your plants and trees flourish. Often times though, we overestimate how much water is needed.

Why is Over-watering Bad?

Why is overwatering our gardens bad? Aren’t we making sure they’re getting enough water for the dry summers?

Over-watering our garden plants and trees will kill them just as fast as under-watering will. There are several reasons for this.

1. Over-watering cuts off oxygen
While plant leaves absorb carbon dioxide from the air, it’s the roots that need to absorb oxygen. If there is too much water surrounding the roots, the flow of oxygen is cut off and the plant literally drowns.

2. Over-watering creates root rot
Just as too little water will make the roots brittle and dry, excess water will harbor an environment for root rot. Although this condition is mostly seen in indoor plants, it could still happen with outdoor gardens.

Tips to keep from Over-Watering

If you have or are in the process of planting a flower garden, consider planting native flowers and trees. Lavender, thyme, and rosemary are some herbs that thrive in Mediterranean/subtropic climates.

Native shrubs and climbing vines love the Western Australian climate. Olive and pomegranate trees are just some types that were built to thrive in the subtropics.

If you are worried about your plants getting enough water, check the soil. If it seems too dry, then wet it down, but not so much there is a puddle. Maybe consider putting in a lawn sprinkler system that can be turned manually. Just be sure to not run over your reticulation when you mow between beds.

If you have fruit trees, you can take five-gallon buckets, drill holes in the bottom, and fill them up next to the trees. The trees will take the water as needed and all you’ll have to do is fill the buckets every so often.

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As gardeners, we always worry if we are under-watering our plants. With the potential of root rot or cutting-off needed oxygen, over-watering can be just as deadly. However, a few tips to prevent over-watering in sub-tropic climates can turn a scraggly garden into one that is flourishing.


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